iStore Solution


The iStore Solution designed for many type of business such as store, shop and etc. which designed by iDarya.

The iStore Solution we are proud to provide you the following feature for your business.

With iStore Solution you can have an interactive Catalog app is just like our printed catalog, but we have added all kinds of interactive elements. Flip through each product and dig into extra details. It's the best way to learn about the new released electronic products. 

iStore Solution is a simple and effective, state of the art tool to have your app on the AppStore® for your business.

With iStore Solution you can have your app with your business name and with your icon on the AppStore®.

We will add your app to our AppStore® and your customer/client can find it on their and download it for free.

You can keep in touch with your customer by sending them Push Notifications.

All data will be on cloud. It means you login as admin on your iDevice to your app and can change your categories and products anytime and will apply in real-time.

Customers can contact you with your phone number, email and website also they can follow your social networks.

As admin you can customise the presentation of categories (currently 2 views) and products (currently 6 views).

The first project which has been done with iStore Solution is Radan Store app which you can download it feely and let us your feedback.

Please check us the diagram file to see what you can get from iStore Solution. We recommend you to download Radan Store app while your checking the diagrams.

If you need more information about this project please contact us by email.


  1. iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Main Features

  1. Your business add on the AppStore® with your company name and your logo

  2. Fully access to change your company details

  3. Able to create your category with products

  4. Able to send Push Notifications to your users

  5. Easy to use

• Many more features which you can ask us.



iStore Solution DiagramiStore_Solution_files/iStoreSolutionDiagramV1.0_1.pdf