Persian Calendar


The Persian Calendar application is the FIRST Persian Calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the most practical Persian Calendar you can find for iPhone/iPod Touch even iPad.

Unfortunately, many of other produces are look like working prefect but they give you wrong dates, that never happened with our application.

The Persian calendar is the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan. It is an astronomical solar calendar (Hegri Shamsi) hence more accurate than the Gregorian or Lunar calendars.

The Persian New Year begins on the vernal equinox (Spring equinox) which is determined by astronomical observations made in Tehran and coincides with March 21st of the Gregorian calendar.

Persian calendar has different name such as Jalali, Iranian (Iran), Hijri Shamsi (Solar Hejri), Taghvim, Farsi calendar and so on.


  1. iPhone & iPod Touch

Main Features

  1. Converts selected Gregorian/Persian dates to the corresponding Persian/Gregorian dates

  2. Copy selected date to clipboard

  3. Show all Iranian bank holidays